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Reliance Staffs:

  • Administrative & Medical Billing Professionals
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Correctional Healthcare
  • Gonvernment Healthcare
  • Executive Professionals
  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • And Many More!


Why Rely On Reliance?

  • Because looking through hundreds of applications can be fustrating and time consuming.

  • We are a woman owned agency so partnering with us would qualify as a diversity spend.

  • We specialize in the healthcare industry.

  • As a small firm we can give your company the attention it deserves.

  • Reliance offers flexible payment plans and options to fit your company's specific budget and needs.

  • We enable you to lower costs associated with hiring, screening, and maintaining appropriate staff.

  • Because we have the ability and reliability to meet your needs.

  • Because we care!

Placement Options

Temporary & Contract Employment

RHS offers short-term or long-term, temporary and contract placements. This option allows you immediate and flexible staffing solutions.

Protected Evaluation Hires

This option gives you the benefit of "trying out"  and evaluating candidates before deciding to hire them. Our risk free Protected Evaluation Hires allow your company to ensure a perfect fit for your vaccant position.

Direct Placement

The expense of hiring an employee who isn’t a match for the work culture can be detrimental to your bottom line. Let RHS significantly reduce this risk for you by utilizing our direct placement option.  We will perform all pre-screening, verification, and on-boardingt duties at no cost to you. A small pre-determined fee is paid only if the candidate is hired by you.

Don't see an option that fits the specific needs of your business? Contact us today for a custom placement plan.

Let Reliance Health Source, LLC give your company the dedicated attention it deserves. An increasing amount of large businesses are relying on staffing and recruitment agencies to take care of their employment demands. Reliance strives to recruit and retain the most qualified candidates.  The main priority of our staffing coordinators is to meet your needs and allow you peace of mind.  When one of our employees is placed at your agency, they have already passed our rigours pre-screening and selections process. Our Process includes:

  • Reference & Background Checks

  • Internal Assessments

  • Skills Checklist

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing

  • Verification of Credentials

  • Vaccination Records

In addition, our services do not stop once an associate is placed. We will continue to offer post-placement evaluation and sevices, including final hiring and termination (if required).

Staffing Request

Reliance is excited to be able to help your company with its staffing needs! Please fill out all fields below when submiting a request for staffing.

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